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A “mangas” went out for a stroll

Mangas (Greek: μάγκας [ˈma(ŋ)ɡas]) is the name of a social group in the counterculture of pre-WWI Greece. Mangas was a label for men belonging to the working class, behaving in a particularly arrogant/presumptuous way, and dressing with a very typical … Continue reading

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Don’t shout these jokes too loud..

I’m intentionally not putting a link to this story because that’s all what this story was intended to do, attract attention. I am referring to the ban of a Greek athlete from the olympic games, based on a joke she … Continue reading

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Genuinely Greek

I recently encountered this comment on a traditional Greek song Αυτη ειναι η Ελλαδα, η γνησια, η μπεσαλιδικη, η ντομπρα. Which roughly translates to “This is Greece, genuine, troublesome, candid”. How ironic that the words troublesome (μπεσαλιδικη), is borrowed from … Continue reading

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