Don’t shout these jokes too loud..

peter the greatI’m intentionally not putting a link to this story because that’s all what this story was intended to do, attract attention. I am referring to the ban of a Greek athlete from the olympic games, based on a joke she made on twitter.

I think the punishment did not fit the crime in this case, especially knowing how hard these athletes train. But athletes of that calliper, who are role models for their peers, should really be careful what they say. An athlete is not only measured by his/her physical ability, but also ethos. That means, you should know better than making stupid 10-year-old jokes in public!!

Anyway, I think this story raises the issue of privacy more than anything. And that things we intend for a private audience can now leak into the public without our intention or control.

Of course the media want to portray this as a racist story because that’s what people want to hear and they love to condemn such things. And then people with the opposite one-track mind point the finger and say “see? only commie and liberal views are allowed”. And the media are now happy to have attracted attention. Congratulations.

But that’s not the issue here! When did twitter become the supreme court???

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