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The All-American small-talk

Mastering the All-American small-talk is as simple as A-B-C! A) [Hi/Hey/Hello], how are you? B) [Good/ Fine/ Great/ OK], and you? C) [Good/ Fine], thanks! Pro tip #1: Try to speak as fast as possible (practice at home if needed) … Continue reading

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In the UK..

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The English-language neologism omics informally refers to a field of study in biology ending in -omics, such as genomics, proteomics or metabolomics.  

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Some anonymous quotes

During coffee break after lunch Let me get a hot beverage to be able to digest my afternoon.. On career prospects Regardless of the time in your career, *** is where your career ends.. *** name of company

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Must consult this before attending next talk…

Believe me, it took me as much time to get the curves right as it is taking you to understand them 😛

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SOME people, some people…

It seems to me that knowledge of IT and social skills are mutually exclusive. Don’t fret people,

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Epic@Work Episode 1: Personal Impact

I wonder which course would be more useful…

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