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Nerding out!

70’s and 80’s music was about “Freaking out”, perhaps the theme of this millenium is “Nerding out”? Daft Punk is bringing about yet another revolution. Watch: Edit: Interesting interview on NPR “The Soul That A Musician Can Bring”

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Your physical posessions, in the cloud!

The entrepreneur inside me awakes from time to time and won’t leave me alone.. Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to help people get rid of things they hoard. The impulse of collecting stuff “in case of need in the … Continue reading

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I finally released Pysheet to the world. It is a python library for working with spreadsheets. For the geeks in the crowd..

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This word just blew my mind…

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A beautiful little mind

Look at my collection of experiences, Hear about the little things I love. I will tell you about my family and friends, my colleagues and people I’ve heard about; I will tell you about my hobbies, the books I’ve read, … Continue reading

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Some anonymous quotes

During coffee break after lunch Let me get a hot beverage to be able to digest my afternoon.. On career prospects Regardless of the time in your career, *** is where your career ends.. *** name of company

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