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A “mangas” went out for a stroll

Mangas (Greek: μάγκας [ˈma(ŋ)ɡas]) is the name of a social group in the counterculture of pre-WWI Greece. Mangas was a label for men belonging to the working class, behaving in a particularly arrogant/presumptuous way, and dressing with a very typical … Continue reading

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We are family

Nothing brings more happiness than helping family; no amount of things, money or power. It must be something intrinsic about the human race..

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The 1981 Nobel Prize laureate in Literature, Elias Canetti, said: men and the units of their money have the strongest effect on each other. They are at its mercy, and feel equally powerful and worthless

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Smartphones Dumbpeople

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Stuck in my head #1

Thinking of my little ballerina dancing…  

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